• Educator ... Innovator ... Collaborator ...

    ... Lifelong Learner! My favorite label, integrating a passion for creativity, innovation, inquiry and problem-solving. As an educator of 15 years I find that this label is all-encompassing. I believe in challenging students and teachers to evaluate solutions and ideate novel problems.


    I am currently the Director of Learning Innovation at Shekou International School. I help schools transform their practice and empower teachers to use technology as a learning avenue.

  • contributions


    Over the past 5 years I have been lucky to be part of a team tasked with transitioning Shekou International School (SIS) into a leader in educational technology and innovation. These programs have included:

    • Transforming learning spaces into agile, learning hubs
    • Implementing self-driven learning program at secondary level
    • Extending use of digital portfolios into Early Childhood program
    • Developing 1:1 Macbook and iPad rollout protocols for pK-12
    • Transitioning to a truly integrated school-wide enterprise student information system
    • Establishing teacher training for innovative practice using technology
    • Promoting and managing shared iPads
    • Exploring augmented reality for student learning and reflection
    • Documenting innovative practice at SIS
    • Designing of iTunes University class implementation
    • Promoting THINK @ SIS
    • Leading Learning Bytes @ SIS


    Leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the collaborative setting. During my time at SIS I have been given the opportunity to demonstrate my leadership abilities in the following capacities:

    • Director of Learning Innovation
    • HS Division Lead
    • Science Curriculum Team Lead
    • Math/Science MESH Lead
    • SIS EARCOS Teacher Representative
    • HS STUCO Advisor
    • Tech Action Team iTunes U Development Lead
    • Learning Innovation Day Co-leader
    • 12th Grade Advisory Lead
    • 9th Grade Advisory Lead


    Growing up a third culture kid offered me the opportunity to view the world from varying perspectives, and I continuously strive to experience new cultures and ways of thinking. Much of my outgoing attitude was formed thanks to the international school community in which I grew up and I understand the importance of contributing to this tightly-meshed community. I've exemplified this by leading the following:

    • Parent Creative Series sessions
    • MakerFaire (Shenzhen and Shekou)
    • Shekou Daily Activity consultant
    • Coaching (Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Badminton, Golf)
    • Sunshine Academy in Shenzhen
    • 24-hr Filmrace Advisor
    • Coastal Rose Kindergarten Project
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    Tour of Shekou

    Check out this insight to Shekou International School. All it took was a drone, a smartphone, and iMovie.


    Welcome to the world of augmented reality. Aurasma is a great tool for student learning and reflection. I have helped teachers leverage this with projects ranging from lab safety tutorials to history class museum tours.

    Changing Culture

    Teacher at SIS are encouraged to take risks in the classrooms. With the support of the Learning Innovation team to plan and deliver our established curriculum, teachers are free to explore new ways of working. This video captures how teachers have naturally risen to the challenge of collaborating across campuses and enhancing each other's practice.


    We use digital learning portfolios at all ages to showcase the reflection process. Teachers are encouraged to blog about personal interest to model this practice.

    iTunes U Course Development

    Teachers are always looking for new ways to enhance student access to the curriculum. From developing private iTunes U courses, to managing the SIS public iTunes U channel, this has been a learning process of how to capture and share the best teacher practice at SIS.

    Documenting Practice

    Teachers at SIS have explored diverse ways of learning through the integral use of technology. These snapshots of discreet practice have been captured and shared with the help of the Learning Innovation Team at SIS.

  • presentations

    PSA Educator's Conference

    "Future Ready Learning"

    Keynoted at the Private Schools Association conference "Transforming Education to Meet the Needs of Learners"

    EARCOS Leadership Conference

    "Cultivating a Smart Swarm"

    How dow you ensure that a systematic change process is embedded in the culture of your school?

    EARCOS Leadership Conference

    "Meshing Curriculum & Innovation"

    This presentation revolves around using in-house resources to run an authentic and challenging PL program.

    Learning 2.015 Asia Conference

    "Exploring Student Driven Learning"

    What is the best way to engage students in their own learning? Let them take the driver's seat!

    The EAL Conference

    "BackChannel for Engagement"

    Back-channels are a great way to ensure that all students are engaged in classroom discussions.

    Learning 2.014 Asia

    "Aurasmatize Your Class"

    Both engagement and reflection can be enhance by giving students multiple avenues to share their learning.

    The iPad Conference

    "Moxtra Collaboration"

    Moxtra is a great tool for collaboration that can be adapted for multiple educational purposes. Explore how to use this tool for in-time feedback.


    "Create Apps for Coding and Design"

    How can educators use free app creators to teach multiple aspects of coding and design at all levels?.

  • skills

    There is rarely only one solution to a given problem. We must endeavor to find the most effective solution with the tools we have at our disposal. To me, this boils down to understanding systems and working within parameters to realize the best outcome. I am able to proficiently work within the following systems:

    Learning Platforms

    • Edmodo

    • Schoology

    • iTunesU

    • ManagBac

    • Google Suite

    • Office 365

    • WordPress

    • Moxtra

    • Moodle


    • Active Directory

    • Azure AD Connect

    • Atlas Rubicon

    • FinalSite

    • SchoolBase

    • PowerSchool

    • Odoo

    • Sophos Firewall Administration

    • Parallels & Virtual Box


    • iWork Suite

    • Microsoft Office

    • Final Cut Pro, Premier, iMovie

    • Logic Pro, GarageBand

    • Photoshop, SketchBook, GIMP

    • Autodesk 3D, SketchUp

    Operating Systems

    • Mac OS X

    • iOS

    • Windows

    • Android

    • ChromeOS

    • OS X Server

    • Windows Server